The Races

5 road races are proposed by the organization:

20 km – “Intermarché – Trophy”

Race opened to runners’ categories “junior” (born in 1998-99) up to “vétéran” (born before 1978).

Departure from PERROS-GUIREC (Trestraou Beach) at 10 h 45.

The circuit passes along Ploumanac’h, elected as the “French Preferred Village” in 2015.


Arrival at TREBEURDEN (The Marina).

*For safety reasons, the duration of the race is limited to 2 h 30 mn*

10 km – “Sobhi Sport – Trophy”

Race opened to runners’ categories “cadet” (born in 2000-01) up to “vétéran” (born before 1978).

Departure from PLEUMEUR-BODOU (Landrellec beach) at 10 h.
Arrival at TREBEURDEN (The Marina).

RGO_3531doss15Important message from the organization to the 10 km runners: the car traffic around Landrellec  is very uneasy and parking is no longer possible => Please, use the shuttles from Trebeurden to get to the departure site in Landrellec.





6 km – The “Granite Rose”

This 6 km race/walk, dedicated to feminines aged at least 14 years (born in 2003 and before) will be run at a free pace and without any ranking. This race is aiming at supporting the efforts of the french League against the Cancer. The race will be limited to 400 participants.

Departure from PLEUMEUR-BODOU (Phoenix Site) at 10 H.  

Arrival at TREBEURDEN (The Marina).

1,5 & 3 km – “Parc du Radôme Trophy”

  • A 3 km race opened to runners’ categories “benjamin” (born in 2004-05) and “minime” (born in 2002-03).
  • another race around 1.5 km is also organised in this context for younger runners of category “poussin” (born in 2006-07).

Departure at 9 h 45 at TREBEURDEN (The Marina). Arrival at the same place.


Feeding and refreshing stuff is regularly available along the way and at the arrival place.

Please don’t remove papers, cups, etc, on the public way and put them into the bags/litters intended for that use. Thanks for respecting our sites.

General map of the 20 km race.


Profile of the 20km race (Réalisation : Univers Data)



In addition, 3 hikes and 1 nordic walk are proposed by the organization (see related item).

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