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2017, towards a new reference year ?

On Sunday, July 23rd, 2017, will take place the 38th release of the « 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose » road race, from Perros-Guirec towards Trebeurden. Passing along the Pink Granite Coast and crossing Ploumanac’h (the « French Preferred Village » in 2015), Tregastel and Pleumeur-Bodou.

Aiming at preserving a high-quality sports and animations program, the organizers decided to keep on providing, this year, the next activities introduced in 2016:

  • a 12 km long Nordic Walk, at a free pace and without any ranking ; this nordic walk, which completes the 3 usual hikes all around Trebeurden will be organized with the support of the « Rando Tregor » association;
  • a 6 km long Feminine Race / Walk (so-called « Granite Rose »), also at a free pace and without ranking; as for last year, the benefits of the registrations for this « race / walk » aiming at supporting research efforts against cancer, will be given to the « Ligue Contre le Cancer », which has been our partner for many years; before the start, some kind of zumba training will be provided.

Looking over the sports challenge and the discovery, for many runners, of a very exciting event, our goal is to provide the participants to the races and walks with an organization as perfect as possible. This needs a lot of work and time, along with financial efforts; this also needs the help of many good willing people I want to warmly thank here.

All of us, we have the great pleasure to meet an increasing success for this event every year – more than 2200 people in 2016, taking into consideration the whole set of races and parallel animations. Moreover, the really good feedback given by the runners or by the specialized newspapers is another encouragement to keep on with our efforts. After a reference year in 2016, our next challenge will be to reach 2500 participants in 2017 !

Obviously, setting up large sports events is not evident from a financial point of view – and it is the same for the « 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose » as well. Hopefully, most of our partners who have joined us recently or for many years, are efficiently carrying on their support, and organizing our event in 2017 may now be considered with some confidence. May I sincerely thank all of our partners, whatever the public or private ones, for their precious and truly support.

As for the preceding releases :

  • one « souvenir » T-shirt will be offered to every participant of the road races, as well as for the walks ;
  • register freely for the children races – for childre born between 2002 & 2007 – will be continued, except for delayed registrations;
  • in parallel with the road races, 3 hikes (8, 12 & 20 km), starting and arriving in Trebeurden, will be organized as well by the « Amis de la Côte de Granit Rose » association; in addition, the over mentioned Nordic Walk will take place around Trebeurden; the « souvenir » T-shirt will also be offered to the participants of every walk;
  • on the arrival site, usual animations will be provided, namely a draw / raffle with a lot of valuable gifts.

Considering the increasing success met, these last years, with direct on-line registrations through the website, this facility will be carried on over this website visited by many road runners all over the french territory and even from foreign countries.

Of course, it remains possible, for our friends, to directly register by using registration forms let at their disposal, and afterwards to check their effective registration on the 20km website.

Be careful : whatever the means used, the registration will be effective and readable on our website only after receiving the payment and a medical certificate (or a copy of the licence), except for the 6 km feminine race / walk (the « Granite Rose »). We remind you that only a medical certificate allowing road running under competition conditions, or athletics / triathlon licenses are valid for registering. Licenses for other sports are not acceptable. For runners aged less than 18 years, an authorization from their parents is mandatory. Be careful !

Well prepared runners willing to compete with international Elite stars, joggers willing to challenge themselves or, more simply, occasional runners wanting to link sports pleasure and sightseeing, come and join us on the « 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose » magic track on next July 23rd. We wish that the beauty of our region together with the friendly ambience of the races will bring you much pleasure to participate in our event.

Have a nice run, all of you, and see you soon on the Pink Granite Coast.

Gérard Chartie.

President of the « 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose » association.

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