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Photos 2023

Monique Clavaud - 20km See the photos
Monique Clavaud - La Granite Rose See the photos
Laurence Lahache - 10km See the photos
René Gaudier - 10km See the photos
René Gaudier - 20km See the photos
Joseph Le Grand - 10 & 20km See the photos
Gilbert Cloatre - 20km See the photos
Page Facebook CHL EXPO See the photos
Kevin Hinguant - Granite Rose & 20km See the photos

Photos 2022

Monique Clavaud - 20km See photos
Monique Clavaud - The Granite Rose See photos
Laurence Lahache - 20km See photos
Zoominphoto - The Granite Rose See photos
Isabelle Beguec - 10km See photos
Bernard Loyer - 20km See photos
Christophe Caillou - 10km See photos
Christophe Caillou - 20km See photos
Gilbert Cloatre - départ 20km See photos

Photos 2019

Christophe Caillou See photos
Monique Clavaud See photos
Charles-Yves Godé See photos
Joseph Le Grand See photos
Bernard Charmentray See photos