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Art.1- The association “Les 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose” organizes the following races each fourth Sunday of July: 20 km, 10 km and 6 km (the latter without timing or classification ).

Art.2- The 10 km and 20 km courses, both calibrated using the calibrated bicycle method, comply with the IAAF rules and the national regulations of the off-stadium racing charter of the FFA.

Art.3- All races are open to licensees and non-licensees.

Any athlete with a license from the French Athletics Federation or an affinity licensee (FSGT, UFOLEP, FSCF), or with a Pass J’Aime Courir must provide at registration a copy of such document valid on race day.
Licensees in any other discipline and non-licensees must provide a medical certificate (original or photocopy) indicating that the athlete has no medical condition against the practice of running in competition; the medical certificate must be less than 1 year old on the date of the race (provision not applicable to the Pink Granite Run/Walk, the Hikes and the Nordic walk) and must include one of the following statements:

  • « no medical condition against the practice of competitive running and racing »
  • « no medical condition against the practice of competitive track and field »
  • « no medical condition against the practice of competitive sports ».

It is expressly reminded that competitors take part in the race under their own responsibility. Runners under the age of 18 must in addition present a parental authorization.
Disabled runners can participate in the event but need to check with the race direction that the terrain (sandy path, etc.) does not compromise their safety.

Art.4- The organizers are covered by a civil liability insurance. Licensees benefit from the guarantees granted by the insurance linked to their license. It falls upon the other participants to personally insure themselves.

Art.5- The registration fee is indicated in the “Prices of the Races and Hikes” section.

Art.6- A registration cannot be accepted if it does not include all the required documents as well as the full payment of the registration fee. Registered runners can check their registration on our website.

Art.7- Registrations are closed the Saturday before the race at 23h59.

Art.8- The bibs are handed over according to the procedures described in the “Bibs” section.

Art.9- Any athlete participating in one of the events must wear their official bib provided by the organization. The bib must be visible and cannot be folded or modified.

Art.10- The departure times for the various races are available in the corresponding sections of the 20 km of the Côte de Granit Rose website.

Art.11- The time limit for 20 km runners is 2 hours 30 minutes. Beyond this time, the safety of the competitors still on the course cannot be ensured, the competitors are automatically placed out of the race. The same is true for competitors exceeding 1 hour 15 minutes halfway.

Art.12- Refueling stations are set up around the following km markers: 5km, 10km, 15km and after the finish line.

Art.13- Panels mark every kilometer with vertical markings as well as markings on the ground.

Art.14- In application of the FFA regulations, runners can not be accompanied by people on bicycle or rollerblades or similar types of devices. Accompanied runners will be disqualified.

Art.15- Medical assistance is provided on the course and at the finish. The medical services are empowered to disqualify any competitor considered unfit to continue the competition.

Art.16- Each age category gives rise to a separate ranking (groupings may occur for the "Masters" categories), in accordance with FFA regulations (provision not applicable to the Granite Rose). Controls are carried out during the races, in order to ensure the perfect regularity of the races.

Art.17- Cups and prizes are only distributed to competitors present at the awards ceremony. The bonuses of the price grid, reserved for the 20 km rankings, are paid exclusively by check given personally to each awarded competitor.

Art.18- The prizes cannot be combined. If a competitor can claim two prizes, it is up to them to choose one of them. This choice does not result in a shift in the price grid.

Art.19- Cups and prizes cannot be claimed after the awards ceremony.

Art.20- In the case of force majeure, natural disaster or any other circumstance endangering the safety of the competitors, the organization reserves the right to cancel one or the other, or even the all the races, without enabling the competitors to claim any reimbursement.

Art.21- Any competitor acknowledges having read these rules and accepts the clauses without reservation.

Art.22- CNIL: In accordance with the Data Protection Act No. 78-17 of January 6, 1978, competitors have the right to access and rectify information about them. Unless they object, their contact details may be shared with our partners.

Art.23- Image rights: any registered runner authorizes the organizers as well as their rights holders such as partners and media, to use fixed or audiovisual images taken during their participation in the event, on any medium, including promotional or advertising documents, worldwide and for the duration provided for by law, regulations, treaties in force, including for any extensions that may be made to this duration.

Art.24- In case of withdrawal, no refund for any reason whatsoever will be made.