Rules and regulation

Item 1: Every 4th Sunday of July, the following road races are organised by the « 20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose Association »: 1.5 km, 3 km, 5-6 km (without ranking), 10 km and 20 km.

Item 2: The 10 km and 20 km road races are fully compliant with the IAAF rules and those of the French Athletics Federation (FFA) relevant for “off-stadium” races.

Item 3: The races are open to runners having a license or not. Every runner having an Athletic Federation license (or a Triathlon Federation license) must present a copy of it when registering. Other runners having a licence delivered by other sports federations or no licence at all must present a less-than-one-year medical certificate proving their ability to practice running under competition conditions. It is expressly reminded that runners participate to the race under their own responsibility. The runners aged less than 18 years will have to provide a parent’s authorization. Disable runners (“handisport” category) can participate, according to conditions to be discussed with the Organization since short sandy lanes have to be crossed.

Item 4: The Organization is covered by a “civil responsibility” insurance. Runners having a sports licence are covered by their own licence. Others runners will have to be personally insured.

Item 5: The registration tariff is provided in the “The races – Tariffs / Fees” section.

Item 6: A registration is valid only when the required documents and the payment have been delivered to the Organization.

Item 7: Registrations are closed on the last Saturday before the races.

Item 8: The delivery of race numbers (“dossards”) is detailed in the “Registration – Delivery of race numbers” section.

Item 9: Every participant must wear the official race number delivered by the Organization. The race number must not be bent or modified.

Item 10: The starting times of the races are as mentioned in the registration form and in the relevant topics of the “20 km de la Côte de Granit Rose” web site.

Item 11: The maximum duration allowed to the 20 km runners is 2 hours and 30 minutes. Beyond this limit, the runners are automatically put “off-race” since their safety on the roads could not be insured any longer. In addition, the half-way (10 km) running duration is limited to 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Item 12: Drink and food spots are set up in different locations: 3rd km, 5th km, 10th km, 15th km, 18th km and on the finish line.

Item 13: Every kilometre is signalled by appropriate means.

Item 14: According to the FFA rules, accompanying runners – namely with bicycles or rolling skates – is strictly forbidden and would lead to a disqualification.

Item 15: A medical assistance is provided along the way and at the arrival. When needed, healthcare services can put “off-race” any runner considered as unable to follow up the race.

Item 16: Separate rankings are provided for each category according to the FFA rules (age, sex…). Regular checks are handled during the races, in order to guarantee their fairness.

Item 17: Trophies and premiums are only delivered to runners present at the reward delivery time. The payment of the premiums, dedicated to the 20 km race, is exclusively done by nominative banking checks personally given to the runners designed by the rankings.

Item 18: Premiums cannot be cumulated. When a runner is eligible to several premiums, he can only choose one of them. This choice does not induce any shifting within the premiums’ table.

Item 19: Nevertheless, unclaimed trophies and rewards are kept available – at the Organization Secretary – for the eligible runners and during one week only.

Item 20: In case of due force or of any reason able to endanger the safety of the runners, the Organization is fully entitled to cancel one or the totality of the races without giving the runners the possibility to claim for any reimbursement.

Item 21: Every runner acknowledges to have read the present rules and to accept them as such.

Item 22: CNIL (French national committee dealing with data processing and individual liberties): According to the relevant french law (number 78-17, dated Jan. 6th, 1978), the runners can have access and modification rights regarding their own data. Except in the case of their formal objection, runners’ coordinates might be transmitted to external bodies.

Item 23: Image rights: any runner being given a race number allows the Organization and associated members, such as sponsors and media, to make use of fixed or moving pictures taken during the event, on any support including commercial documents. This applies worldwide and for the duration planned by relevant laws, rules and treaties, including possible prolongations to that duration.

Item 24: In case of non-participation to the race, no reimbursement will be possible for any reason.

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