Delivery of the Race Numbers (“Dossards”)


The delivery of the Race Numbers (“Dossards”) will be possible as follows, provided that a less-than-one year medical certificate or an athletics license is presented:

  • at the Secretary of the ASPTT Lannion club (Stade Michel Condom – Chemin de l’ASPTT – F 22300 LANNION):
    • at registration, from Wednesday July 24th to Friday July 26th (9h00 – 19h00)
    • on Saturday July 27th (9h00 – 16h00); 
  • at the INTERSPORT store (Zone Commerciale de Keringant – F22700 St QUAY-PERROS) 
  • on the departure sites, according to the following conditions:
Race Site Hours
20 km PERROS-GUIREC (Trestraou Beach) 8 h 15 to 10 h 15
10 km PLEUMEUR-BODOU (Landrellec) 8 h 15 to 9 h 30
6 km (*) PLEUMEUR-BODOU (Pôle Phoenix) 8 h 15 to 9 h 45
1,5 & 3 km TREBEURDEN (The Marina) 9 h 00 to 9 h 30

(*) Since the 6 km race/hike (the “Granite Rose”, supporting the efforts of the french League against the Cancer) will be run at a free pace and without ranking, the runners will not be provided with race numbers.

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